Originating from Wales in the United Kingdom, I now live and work in the San Francisco Bay area. My practice encompasses video, performance,installation, and photography.

My work has been exhibited, screened and performed internationally, at among other sites: The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Castro Theatre, the Walter and McBean Gallery – San Francisco CA, the Oakland Art Gallery – Oakland CA,The National Theatre – London, England, The Directors Guild of America – Los Angeles, CA. Select publications of her work are included in the book, ‘Acts of Passion, Gender and Performance’ by Haworth Press and in ‘Blue’ an Australian photography magazine.

In May 2000 I graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Masters of Fine Art. I received the Elizabeth Tuckerman Award for two years consecutively. My professional teaching experience includes: visiting faculty at The San Francisco Art Institute, Adjunct Professor at the Art Institute of California, Visiting Artist Instructor at Pixar Animation Studios and Bay Area Video Coalition.

Experimental video and performance are my medium. Working intuitively I sketch with my camera, body or surroundings and allow the alchemy of the process to inform the final piece.

Aesthetically I remove aspects of realism from the video, intentionally stylizing the quality of the medium, often paradoxically creating beauty from the mundane or repugnant.

Conceptually my body of work investigates residue, that ‘something remaining’, which persists in the individual and collective psyche. The residue of trauma as somatic memory, the historical scars on the landscape and the palpable questions rose by absence.

My work manifests as large scale single and multi channel video and audio installations. Performance is incorporated within the concept of the video or in the physicality of the installation. My work also incorporates video stills, I manipulate these frozen images to create prints, utilizing the low resolution, which gives them such a unique aesthetic.